A Better Life

For you and your dog.


Physical Exams

The saying goes "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." We are passionate about preventive health because it improves your pet's quality of life and can significantly lengthen their lifespan. And we want them spending as much happy time by your side as possible. During your dog's physical exam, we will carefully examine each of your dog's major biological systems. This allows us to get a baseline for your pet's health and behavior, so that we can be quick to see if and when something goes amiss. And if we do find a potential issue, we will be much more likely to be able to treat it quickly and effectively.


Your dog doesn't just share a home with you. They are family. And you want to know that they have a trusted home away from home when you need them to spend the night somewhere else. That is the vision behind our boarding service. Your dog will be loved, cared for, safe, and will have an absolute blast. Our team is highly trained and full of animal lovers who can't wait to spoil your baby like you would. So give us a call, reservations book up fast!

Dental Care

By the age of three, most dogs show signs of periodontal disease. This is a progressive health issue that occurs when plaque turns into tartar and makes its way beneath your dog's gumline. Here, it creates a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, which begins to erode supporting structures in your pet's mouth. This becomes more and more painful, and it causes common symptoms like bad breath, tooth loss, and more. Troublingly, toxins from this process can make their way into your dog's bloodstream, which is why dogs with periodontal disease have higher instances of heart, liver, and kidney disease. The good news? Periodontal disease is 100% treatable! We'll help your dog with professional teeth cleanings (similar to what humans get) to make sure that we stop this nasty illness in its tracks.


Sometimes a veterinary professional needs to look deeper in order to practice good medicine and take great care of your dog. That is why we have advanced diagnostics equipment, such as our in-house laboratory. This allows us to pinpoint the source of a symptom, rule out potential causes, and provide smarter, more effective treatment plans. We also have digital radiology in order to elevate patient care. This is a significantly valuable aid in dental care, surgery, and many other treatment modalities.


We have a gifted surgical team that is able to perform both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. Our surgical suite is brand new, modern, and uses advanced technology so that your dog has the absolute best patient care there is. Your pet's safety and prognosis is always our focus, so no matter what your pet needs, be it a routine surgery such as spay or neuter, or something more complex, know that here, the only standard is excellence.


Vaccines help to protect your dog from a range of serious health issues. Vaccinations for dogs are divided into two categories. The first category, "core vaccines" are required for every dog - such as rabies. "Non core vaccines" are not required, but are recommended based on lifestyle and risk factors. For example, if your dog spends time in a confined atmosphere with other dogs (such as during boarding), you should get your dog vaccinated for bordatella, or "kennel cough." We will take the time to understand your dog's unique lifestyle and will recommend the proper vaccine regiment accordingly.

Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks, heartworms, and other parasites are not only an annoying nuisance, they can cause serious health problems for dogs. We will make sure to check your dog thoroughly for signs of parasites, and implement a parasite control plan that is sure to keep your dog free from any potentially harmful parasite in the area.