The Cat Clinic & Spa
A better life with your feline.

Physical Exams

Cats are notoriously good at hiding symptoms of pain and illness - in their ancestral past, it was a useful survival characteristic, but now it just makes it harder for cat owners to know when they should bring their precious feline to the veterinarian. That is a large part of why regular physical exams are so important for cats. This allows us to establish a health and behavioral baseline so that we can be quick to spot subtle deviations from the norm. It also allows our trained experts to spot the subtle signs of pain. Regular preventive medicine means a happier, healthier, and longer time by your side for your loving companion.


We are crazy about cats here at the Cat Clinic and Spa. That is why we have built a true, state-of-the-art, home away from home for your beloved feline. Each condo has its own ventilation system, multiple levels and perches, a separate bathroom, and different areas for sleeping and (fine) dining. We include a twice-a-day maid service, along with 10 minutes of daily play time. This is the cat-cation your feline would pick for themselves, and it's the perfect solution for short or long term boarding.
All of these accommodations are included for $20.00
Additional Services
  • 15 Minutes one on one time – $7.50
  • 20 Minutes one on one time – $10.00
  • Cat Nip treat (up to 7 days) – $5.00
  • Nail Trim – $15.00

Dental Care

Most cats over the age of three show signs of periodontal disease. This common health condition happens as plaque hardens into tartar on your feline's teeth. The tartar inevitably makes its way below the gumline, where it creates a hospitable environment for bacteria to grow and replicate. The bacteria has harmful consequences - such as eroding the supporting structures of your cat's teeth, which can cause ever-present pain. Alarmingly, toxins from this process can also make their way into your cat's bloodstream. This is why cats with periodontal disease are more susceptible to heart, liver, and kidney disease. But not to worry - periodontal disease is no match for our team! We will schedule professional cleanings for your beloved companion, and will educate you on easy at home care between cleanings.


In order to provide truly exceptional patient care for your cat, we use advanced diagnostic equipment. This allows us to get right to the source of a potential health issue and deliver faster and more effective treatment for your beloved companion. We use our in-house laboratory along with digital radiology in order to ensure your cat is receiving the level of care that you would want for any member of your family.


Our team is exceptionally skilled in surgical procedures. And when you put cutting edge tools in the hands of gifted surgeons, you get a very high level of surgical excellence. So no matter what your pet needs - from soft tissue surgery to orthopedic surgery and everything in between - rest easy knowing that they are truly in the best hands.


Vaccines protect your feline companion from a range of serious health issues. There are two categories of vaccinations for cats - core and non-core. Core vaccines are required for every cat, such as rabies. Non-core vaccines are not required, but are recommended based on unique risk factors and lifestyles. We will take the time to get to know your cat's lifestyle and will recommend the proper vaccine regiment for your cat.

Parasite Control

Fleas, ticks, and other parasites can be anything from an annoying nuisance to causers of serious illnesses for cats. We will make sure to thoroughly check your cat for signs of parasites, and will ensure that your feline has a proper parasite control plan to keep them happy, healthy, and by your side.