Everyone is amazing! Here are just a few samples of the reviews on Google business! Read one of these when you have a bad day or a frustrating client. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s paying off!!!!

Anastasia Bourlas
 2 weeks ago
Love this place! Very caring people

Madeline Winters
 2 weeks ago
I came to see if they could help my kitten. She was very sick she had (FIV) .Unfortunately we plan that for her sake it was time to say good buy. They were very patient so l could be with my baby. Until it was up to me to let she sleep . I will miss her dearly.

Linda Stults
 2 weeks ago
This place was great. The staff was wonderful and Dr. Hart was also very good. The place is super clean and organized. Affordable pet care for seniors on a fixed income is so very nice. I would highly recommend this place. My dog loved it there and didn’t want to leave. Very pleasant experience.

Matt Obreza
 2 weeks ago
Dr. Larson is an exceptional veterinarian. I’ve known him for over three years and every encounter I’ve had he’s been extremely knowledgeable and professional. Recently he worked with our family through a difficult time with our 14 year old Boston Terrier Baxter. Dr. Larson was so compassionate and understanding; he even took the time to answer A LOT of questions from our six year old daughter. I would highly recommend Dr. Larson and the Veterinary Wellness Center of Green….first class!

Melissa Moreno
 3 weeks ago
Dr. Larson and the staff are so friendly and great with my dog. You can tell they really care about the animals.

josiah spencer
 4 weeks ago
They accomplish the rare feat of being personable without sacrificing professionalism.

Kevin Hill
  19 weeks ago
The Veterinary Wellness Center is a first class establishment. When my own vet wouldn’t help me this place took my dog in as soon as they could. They stayed after hours with me trying to figure out what was making my dogs so sick. Dr. Hart even followed up with me later that night about his X-ray. They had me come back in the morning and took me in immediately once again they were trying to figure out what the problem. Dr. Hart figured out the problem. He needed surgery and they were able to do the surgery right away. In a short amount of time they followed up and he was out of surgery and was going to be okay. Our family will be bringing both of our dogs there from now on. You can tell from the moment you walk in that these people care about your animals.

Taylor Starcher
 17 weeks ago
Absolutely amazed with this facility! My cat needed surgery and I didn’t have the funds they worked with me to fix him up, so we could get by until i was able to gather the money. Then when I had the money they took him in same day, and did everything needed to get him on the road to healing. Not even a full day after surgery, and he is back to his normal self. Beyond pleased with tis facility.

Noah Mills
  12 weeks ago
One of the best experiences I’ve ever had at a veterinarian. My large dog can be difficult at the vet and they handled him exceptionally. The facility was very clean, and the staff was very friendly. I will definitely be returning here with any needs I may have in the future.

Alecia Pike
  12 weeks ago
Exceptional!!!! This place place is what every loving pet owner wants a veterinary clinic to be! The clinic is set up with a separate dog and cat side which is super helpful but beyond that it is the cleanest vet clinic I have ever visited! Both of my cats and both of my dogs have visited the clinic and have all been treated extremely well. Everyone working at the clinic is warm and welcoming and really makes you feel like your pets are family! I have one dog in particular – a 3 year old rescued male husky – who has proven to be quite a handful! From travel-related anxiety to a major worm infestation to a broken K-9 tooth – the wellness center has been stellar in making sure his needs are quickly and effectively taken care of. He broke his tooth on Saturday (it was bad and the nerve was exposed) and Dr. Hart performed surgery to remove the tooth on Tuesday! Not only did the staff take great cafe of him but they also put me at ease. Something I thought was going to be an ongoing nightmare was over before I knew it! I’m so pleased we decided to take our cats and dogs to the green veterinary wellness center and can’t recommend it enough!

Nikki Denlinger
  12 weeks ago
Hands down the best vet I have ever been to. From the minute you walk in you can tell that it is CLEAN…like super clean, and the modern decor is a fresh and uplifting environment. I love that there is a separate side for dogs and cats, a feature that shows right from the start that they understand the needs of our animals, not just physically but emotionally as well. The doctor and vet technicians are the friendliest and most down to earth that I have encountered. Very knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions and explain everything in great detail. If you haven’t been here, you probably think your vet is good or gets the job done, until you come to this place and see what a vet should really be like. And with all of this modern and refreshing way of doing things, you automatically think the prices will be outrageous…but they aren’t! They are what they should be. I was paying MUCH more for the same services at a local vet that I thought was just ok and was never completely satisfied with. I walked out of our first appointment and told my husband “I LOVE this place!!” Second visit was no different…and I will take my furbabies here from now on. Such a sigh of relief to finally have a vet in the area that I trust completely and that you can tell from the start cares more about the well-being of the animal than jacking up the price for profit.

Melissa Linerode
 20 weeks ago
The nurse and veterinarian were so kind and understanding. They walked me through every step of our appointment and did a great job of making sure I understood what I was being told. They answered all my questions respectfully and helped me make a very hard decision. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.